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 GB Unites 

in an all party approach to protecting our heritage
and reclaiming democracy

from undemocratic institutions without accountability to Great Britons

If you value Democracy GB Unites is for you

The Time For Change Is Now


GB Unites provides:

A Directory for all parties, organisations, independents to agree a common platform to unite and reclaim our democracy:

The current party system has clearly failed the people.  GB Unites stands for an all party approach enabling a fresh, corruption free approach to politics. GB Unites will support all party discussion and independent parties so that we are united on the core values. It  puts principles and values before personality. Do you remember the English values of ” fair play, tolerance, open debate, the middle ground, diversity and trust”? 

Linking and supporting all groups and independents to support democracy based on: 

  • Family caring values as the core foundation
  • Community caring values 
  • True participatory democracy from the ground up 
  • A written constitution to protect our rights in perpetuity
  • Rule of law and trial by Jury of equal peers along with equitable and just parliamentary laws
  • Reinstatement of the Grand Jury for cases, constitutional issues and rights under common law
  • Fair parliamentary system free of control by vested interests
  • Fair and equitable taxation
  • Freedom of speech and uncensored media
  • Freedom of religion and orientation
  • Right to protest
  • Freedom of travel
  • Medical freedom  

Underpinned by:

  • Honest  investigative journalism
  • Removal of corruption at all levels of society through individual liability
  • Honest open local and national government with accountability
  • End to secretive organisations infiltrating governance
  • Just and fair electoral system auditable on a regular basis
  • Re-establishment of true scientific method and its open debate free from controlling vested interests 
  • Ending legislation that does not benefit the people 
  • Creativity and imagination in governance
  • Education that is free of ideological control
  • The placing of the “arts” centrally in our society – the “arts” being inclusive of visual art, literature music and philosophy – and to encourage the arts in all our education facilities
  • True government for the people and by the people not by manipulative interest groups globally or nationally
  • Control of personal digital information  by the people and not private and public corporations
  • End to the surveillance of the people whether it is done commercially or by the state
  • End of intelligence sponsored vice rings controlling politicians
  • End of the Whip System controlling parliamentary votes  
  • Rights to clean food, air and water without harmful chemical additives  
  • Enable and promote and develop natural health approaches
  • Good organic farming practice to reduce soil erosion and dependency on chemicals that pollute the supply chain
  • Respect for our all our natural resources
  • Freeing up of the patent office to allow development and promotion and liberation of unconventional clean energy systems 
  • Free enterprise and the fostering of small and medium enterprise 
  • Fostering diverse local short chain supply and encouraging less reliance on  global corporations often  seen to be producing  environmental damage
  • Reclaim our national assets owned by private stakeholders not resident in this country and who are not subject to our national laws and mores 
GB Unites

Immediate Aims:

GB Unites promotes:

Televised Democractic Debate:

  • GB Unites will encourage true democratic televised open debate across the country that will allow all subjects without labels to be discussed  which is democracy in action
  • The debates will be conducted allowing young people to participate and will represent what true participatory and parliamentary democracy should be
  • These debates will be representative of the real reaction to government intervention in our lives and motions carried would be representative of the electorate

GB Truth Media:

  • GB Truth Media is a channel owned by the People with revenue based on ethical advertising and sponsorship
  • If one million people give the equivalent of 50% of the BBC Licence Fee we would raise £80 Million for a directly owned peoples’ channel
  • A voice for small parties and independents away from global media control and from government interference
  • Promoting healthy debate on all the issues we face without bias to one side or another – so that there is genuine information, presented in the round, and on which you the people decide
  • Respecting, encouraging and supporting honest investigative journalism 
  • Promoting scientific debate and realism beyond the influence of controlling vested interests   

Health For All Without Discrimination:

  • During the last two years it is evident that the health services in this country are failing many people
  • GB Unites is promoting health centres to assist people who are disenfranchised by the current system 

Helping Insiders Speak Out - Anonymously Where Required:

  • It is our view that the majority of Great Britons really do believe in the values of democracy outlined above, and which are integral to our tradition of British fair play and decency – therefore, we encourage insiders within the government and on its payroll,  to be able to have a safe space to tell their stories freely and anonymously, if preferred
  • GB Unites is promoting a forum in situations of conflict between job security and conscience, for those who cannot speak out because of their need to safeguard and protect their loved ones and family

Engaging Young People:

  • Promoting engaging young people in the working of our society so that they do not feel outsiders to our society
GB Unites


  • Connecting all people, parties and groups subscribing to our core values  
  • Quantifying the numbers who want real change in Great Britain
  • Organising the share offer on GB Truth Media Channel  and  Expressions Of Interest (EOI) 
  • Promoting natural approaches to healthcare for life, in the community 
  • Appealing to the Small Medium Enterprises(SME) community to encourage their mutual support and development so that they can flourish
  • Connecting with young people to give them a voice

- covering for example such matters as:

  • Current parliamentary and local council issues 
  • Court cases that are upholding our rights 
  • Health coverage where rights are threatened
  • Science as informed debate
  • Progress on the Peoples’ Media Channel Campaign(PMC) and Expressions of Interest(EOI) received
  • Views on democracy and the rule of law  
  • International section and events
  • Family news and good news stories
  • Connecting with sympathetic legal and medical minds


  • GB Unites has come to the view that the work and information should be free because it relates to essence of democracy and the true spirit of Great Britons routed in the historic traditions of our Islands so please donate on our donations page
  • All information should be inclusive not exclusive as that is a reflection of current governance 


  • Gold Access – £27.50 per annum – for those who have signed up or sign up to gold access we will be giving 15% discount on access to all our debates and for some seminars  where charges will be necessary to cover expenses 

Some Views:

" brilliant! I had moist eyes just reading the lists ….that is the country and the values of the world I want to live in. I would like to pay £25 for an annual membership"

Val Schenn

This country has a strong tradition of tolerance, a democratic right to a different opionion and family values. We need to think again about the values that bind us.

" At last it is good to see values that we stand for rather than what we are against. The people of this country have enormous resolve."


" this country was reknown for its tolerance, fair play and justice . How did we allow this intolerance and bias creep into our Country."


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